Family Services

For participants who are considering bringing their families, the conference will endeavour to provide options to help keep your child/children engaged during the conference. Due to safety and liability issues, we would not be able to provide full-day childcare at the conference.

We have the following options available for your consideration:

Family workspace

A room will be available for parents to use for various activities such as feeding, napping, playing, reading, etc… There are plans to bring in external vendors to run programmes and activities suitable for children from ages 2 and above. If you are interested to sign up for these programmes, please indicate in the form below.

To ensure the safety of the children in this workspace, please note that only authorised personnel who have registered with us will be allowed to enter and interact with the children (e.g., vendors running the programmes). Likewise, only the authorised parents or relatives will be allowed to enter the workspace.

Children activities

Watch this space…

Nursing Space – Lactation Pod by GO!MAMA

A mobile nursing space will be available on-site near the conference venue. Founded by a Singaporean mother, GO!MAMA Lactation Pod provides privacy for breastfeeding mothers. It can also be used for expressing milk or changing nappies. It is very easy to use and requires only a mobile app to access the space. It’s also free!

For more details:


We have on campus accommodation at the conference venue, which will be helpful for families to grab essential items or have their kids take naps more comfortably. Room reservations are on a first-come-first-served basis and are confirmed only when payment has been made. Preliminary booking can be made in the form, and a payment link will be provided.

To facilitate our planning, please indicate your needs in this form – HERE

For further inquiries, please contact us at