5th Asia-Pacific Coral Reef Symposium

With the theme ‘Coral reef science and management in a rapidly changing world’, the 5th APCRS will be a forum for reef scientists and managers to present, discuss and integrate the science and conservation of Asia-Pacific coral reef ecosystems. Ultimately, we hope the region’s scientific community can come together to create new paradigms to meet the key challenges to the region’s reefs in the future.
The 5th APCRS will comprise four days of formal scientific proceedings with plenary talks, oral and poster presentations, as well as a half-day of workshops and half-day of tours.

As the host institution and supporting agency for the 5th APCRS, respectively, the National University of Singapore and National Parks Board are honoured to welcome you to Singapore in 2023.

With its highly urbanised shoreline and intensively utilised coastal waters, Singapore exemplifies how coastal development exerts pressure on coral reefs and other marine habitats. It also provides a useful case study of environmental management, and adoption of management practices that aim to balance development and conservation of natural resources.

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