Code of Conduct of the 5th Asia-Pacific Coral Reef Symposium 2023

All attendees, speakers and volunteers at the ACPRS 2023 are required to comply with the following code of conduct, which is guided by the NUS Code of Student Conduct and Code of Conduct for NUS Staff (

1. Attendees must abide by all applicable laws and regulations of Singapore.

2. All attendees must refrain from all of the following acts against any other attendee, staff, student, any other member of the NUS community and the public, whether directed at an individual of group and whether it takes the form of an action, be it verbal, in writing or on digital media:
    (a) All forms of unfair treatment and discrimination;
    (b) All acts (including threats) of harassment, bullying and abusive conduct;
    (c) All acts (including threats) of sexual misconduct; and
    (d) All acts of retaliation.

3. Attendees should be sensitive and respectful of each other’s differences, including but not limited to differences in culture, beliefs, gender, race, religion, language or age.

4. Attendees should communicate professionally, handle disagreements with courtesy and dignity, be respectful when providing feedback, and be open to alternative points of view.

5. All electronic devices must be silenced before entering a session. Attendees shall exit the plenary hall and session rooms to make calls or send emails or texts, so as not to distract other participants.

6. Participants must comply with all applicable safety guidelines related to the Symposium venue and field trips.

7. Alcohol may be served at specific official social events. Drink responsibly and respect the decision of others not to drink.

8. Smoking is prohibited in all educational institutions, omnibuses, private buses, private hire buses, school buses and taxis. Therefore, smoking is not allowed at University Town—the Symposium venue—and in NUS. Note that vaping, e-vaporisers and related components are also not allowed in Singapore.

9. Please report unwelcome or unsafe behaviours immediately if you experience them or observe them. Reporting should be done by contacting any of the Chairs of the APCRS 2023 on-site or via e-mail as soon as possible (

10. Reporting must not be done via social media.

11. Anyone experiencing or witnessing a criminal act or behaviour that constitutes an immediate or serious threat to public safety should alert NUS Campus Emergency and Security (+65 68741616), the Police (999), Fire Engine/Ambulance (995) or Non-Emergency Ambulance (1777).

12. The APCRS 2023 Organising Committee or security officers at NUS may take action against perpetrators where necessary and appropriate, including immediate removal from session, meeting or associated conference events, without warning and without refund.