Singapore is a tropical cosmopolitan city state located in Southeast Asia. As a City in Nature, Singapore is a contrast of skyscrapers set against lush urban greenery. English is the official language and an efficient public transport system makes travelling a breeze. There are also many opportunities for entertainment, culinary and cultural experiences.

Despite its largely urban setting, Singapore boasts relatively species-rich coral reefs, mangrove and seagrass habitats—due to its location in one of the most biodiverse regions of the world. More than 250 species of reef corals, over 120 species of sponges, and 120 species of reef fish have been recorded here.

University Town

The host institution, the National University of Singapore (NUS), is a world-class institute that has a long history of supporting marine research, including the management of the St John's Island National Marine Laboratory, a National Research Infrastructure. One of the newer extensions at NUS is University Town (UTown), a self-contained educational hub located on the Kent Ridge campus with a full range of conference facilities, residences and food outlets. The conference venue is the Stephen Riady Centre at UTown, which has four lecture halls that are well-equipped for seminars, discussions and video conferencing.

UTown also offers several options of affordable and comfortable on-campus accommodation. There are single rooms, as well as shared apartments that can accommodate up to six guests. Alternative options in other areas of the Kent Ridge campus and off-campus accommodation are also available. It is conveniently serviced by public buses and is located near two MRT (train) stations, making it easily accessible.