Guidelines for Oral Presentation

Before your presentation
Your PowerPoint presentation must be submitted to the Secretariat Room (Seminar Room 1, Level 1, Stephen Riady Centre) before the start of the morning or afternoon session in which your talk has been scheduled. The deadlines are 9:00 AM for the morning session and 2:00 PM for the afternoon session.

Your presentation should be in landscape format with the following optimal dimensions at each of the designated rooms.
Auditorium 2          16:9
Lecture Theatres       4:3
Seminar Rooms        4:3 or 16:9

Please submit your PowerPoint file, with a strict size limit of 30MB, to our presentation submission portalclearly indicating your Presentation Code (i.e. Session Code + Abstract ID, e.g. ENV3-0033). You may also bring your PowerPoint file to the Secretariat Room to be uploaded into the system. Please do so well ahead of your session, and check that all the media used in your slide show are working remotely before you submit the file. Note that our venue uses Microsoft Windows-based PCs.

During your presentation
All oral presentations are allocated a total length of 15 minutes, including the time for questions and answers that are moderated by the Session Chair(s). We stipulate that presenters speak for a maximum of 12 minutes.

To facilitate timekeeping, there will be a printed sign alerting presenters at the 10 minute mark, and another printed sign alerting presenters at the 12 minute mark. Please end your presentation a the 12 minute mark. Any additional time used will be taken out of your 3 minutes of Q&A.

Once the allocated 15 minutes for your talk is over, you will be asked to step down for the next presenter. Timings will be followed strictly to enable movement between concurrent sessions. If a talk finishes early, we will wait until the allocated time to start the next talk.